Season 2 arrives on May 9, 2023!


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Helpful, inspiring and full of info

Really lovely to listen to so many people’s process and the insightful interviews that Paul conducts. Appreciate that the guests are really varied and all have great points to add to the larger conversation of writing and publishing.

Fantastic podcast!

As an author and scholar himself, Paul is a wonderful interviewer who asks complex and thoughtful questions that invite authors to share the backstories about their respective written worlds. Highly recommended.

THE Podcast I HAVE to Listen To!

This is "The Podcast I HAVE to Listen To"!!! Every interview inspires me to dive into my own writing. Exquisite storytelling and practical wisdom that I have found easy to apply to improve my own practice. Thank you for this creative and always interesting resource, with access to such an array of wisdom!

Dammit, Paul!

As a classmate of Paul’s in grad school a lifetime ago, I was eager to listen—and hoped for a train wreck so I could feel better about my own lack of accomplishments. Dammit, Paul! You found something else to excel at. This is an excellent podcast. Paul is a natural, asking great questions and giving his guests the space to answer them. He’s able to elicit at least one great nugget of wisdom from each guest, and stays on theme. Makes me want to write that book I’ve been thinking about.

Great episode!

This episode was a balm. Such a fantastic conversation.

Great show

I really appreciated the interview with Gayle Jessup White and how she reconnected with her family legacy. The authors Paul has on his show provide great insights into the process of writing. And Paul has an engaging interview style that pulls these nuggets of wisdom out of them. Also EXCELLENT sound quality. Recommended for memoir fans, aspiring writers, actual writers, and anyone who is interested in the agonies and joys of the creative process.